Orthmosaic high resolution aerial photography

aerial photography in Kitchener-waterloo

// High-resolution top-down aerial images in Southern Ontario

An ultra high-resolution top-down view orthomosaic aerial image can be useful in a number of ways.  They are great for performing inspections of equipment & facilities like solar panels, roof inspections & buildings that are deteriorating.

large areas of land, housing developments or office parks to name just a few.  Orthomosaics are also instrumental in getting accurate measurements of land and construction sites on a regular basis.  Being able to accurately measure distance, area & volume, construction firms can calculate stockpile volumes, estimate material costs and collect valuable data without the painstaking work of ground surveys or inspections.

Updated view of large areas

Orthomosaics are Google Maps on steroids, providing you with ultra-high resolution top-down photography of large areas of land.  Perfect for golf-courses, real-estate developments or any case where you need a top-down image of your property at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial photography.

Accurate Measurements

Getting accurate measurements on a large plot of land can be incredibly difficult from ground-level, requiring many hours of labour, expensive equipment & substantial investment.  Our aerial orthomosaics, maps & aerial imaging drones can accomplish accurate measurements with a much smaller budget.

Aerial Inspections

Along with inspecting crops, orthomosaics are great for performing aerial inspections of equipment and other facilities. They can be used for inspecting rooftops, solar installations, buildings that are falling apart, and more.

legal proceedings

Often in legal cases involving land disputes or real-estate, it’s essential to have accurate, high-resolution images of the properties in question.  We can provide all the imagery you require for your legal proceedings.

Below is a 330 megapixel orthomosaic image displaying both the full image & the image zoomed to 100%